Christoph Polcin

dlgr - Datalogger For Time Series Data

Datalogger aka dlgr is a simple command-line ap­pli­ca­tion. It logs one floating point value per time. The ap­pli­ca­tion is written in C and uses a SQLite database.

Multiple trackers keeping various time value relations. It also provides an option to execute user-defined SQLite queries to filter, export or process your logs.

Use Datalogger to log tem­per­a­tures, stock prices, fuel cost, daily power meter values or working hours.
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bypass fastbot's redirection is a german search engine and a useful addition to duckduckgo, ixquick and bigbrother, even if it lacks of a secure connection.

If you dislike the redi­rec­tion mechanism you can bypass it with this redirector (a Firefox add-on) rule:

Example url: \
Include Pattern:  ^http://www\.fastbot\.de/red\.php\?red=\d+\+(http.*)$
Exclude Pattern:
Redirect to:      $1
Pattern Type:     Regular Expression

cfgkeeper - Keeps Your Configs Save

cfgkeeper is a bash script that stores your con­fig­u­ra­tion files in a revision control system like git or mercurial. I like the idea of etckeeper. It's a collection of tools to let /etc be stored in a source code repository. But I dislike two aspects, first to place the repositoy in /etc and the second to have no revision control outside of /etc.

Therefore I wrote a small bash script called cfgkeeper, which is able to put each file under revision control and to place the repository in con­fig­urable location. Fur­ther­more you can easily extend this script to get your favorite revision control system to work.

READ.ME, install the script and keep your files save. Sug­ges­tions and patches are welcome.

Roundcube Webmail Reverse Proxy Patch

To cut a long story short. I needed to get Roundcube webmail to work over a secure reverse proxy. I wrote a patch because it dosen't work out of the box.

  1. Grab one of the matching patches

  2. Apply the patch

    cd project && patch -p0 < file.patch
  3. Paste the following lines into your main config file

    // enable requests over a reverse proxy
    // eg: https://rproxy_host.rproxy_path.$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']
    $rcmail_config['rproxy_host'] = null; // eg. ''
    $rcmail_config['rproxy_path'] = null; // eg. ''

Sug­ges­tions are welcome.


SVNTask is a simple Apache Ant (TM) extension to interact with Subversion (SVN) repos­i­to­ries. The major advantage over SvnAnt is it's pure JAVA im­ple­men­ta­tion based on the SVNKit library.

I forked the original project and added support for au­then­ti­ca­tion and a few other useful commands. Get more in­for­ma­tion by browsing the project wiki.

Sug­ges­tions and patches are welcome.

Kurzfilm-Workshop - Präimplantationsdiagnostik - Teil 2

Der erster Teil des Workshocks, die Filme und ein paar aus­ge­wähl­te Sin­nes­ein­drü­cke vom Filmalltag
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Kurzfilm-Workshop - Zschopauer Integrations Portal

Ein Beitrag aus der Freien Presse und ein paar aus­ge­wähl­te Bilder vom workshock.
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Kurzfilm-Workshop - Präimplantationsdiagnostik - Teil 1

Im Rahmen des Projekts «Per­spek­ti­ven im Diskurs (PID)» wurde im Januar (21.-25.) ein Film­work­shop zum Thema Prä­im­plan­ta­ti­ons­dia­gnos­tik durch­ge­führt. Schü­le­rIn­nen der Gymnasien Leipzig, Pirna und Prag ver­brach­ten gemeinsam eine Woche in der Nähe von Prag um Ideen und bisherige Er­fah­run­gen zum Thema aus­zu­tau­schen.

Neben Kurzfilmen entstanden auch Drehbücher der einzelnen Gruppen, welche im Anschluss an den Workshop umgesetzt werden sollten.

Es folgen aus­ge­wähl­te Sin­nes­ein­drü­cke
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