Christoph Polcin


Automated audio tran­scrip­tion (speech-to-text) works badly out of the box, especially with recordings from interviews. Yeah? You're on your own.

For­tu­nate­ly there are a bunch of ap­pli­ca­tions that stand by you. Flash­dic­ta­tor is one of them. It helps you to transcript an earlier recorded interview. It is a stone downgraded version of F4 an audio tran­scrip­tion tool. Flash­dic­ta­tor is written in Adobe Flash and runs at the top of your browser. Just grab the source code for a deeper look inside.

Flash­dic­ta­tor plays your audio recordings bit by bit with definable breaks in between, to avoid struggling of endless loops of pushing Play, Alt+Tab, listen and transcript, Alt+Tab, Pause, Rewinding and so on.

That all about it.